Personal assistance may include:


Bathing, Showering and Washing

Your carer will assist with your showering and bathing. We can also help you get in and out of the bath, shower safely, full strip wash, wash and dry hair and lavatory visits.



We can help you get dressed in the morning, undressed in the evening and dress you in nightwear for bedtime.


Meal Preparation 

As part of our service we can prepare food for all meal times including breakfast, snacks, lunch and tea. We can also help with eating and prepare any hot drinks or beverages.


Home Sitting

We can sit with you in your home if you feel unwell or your partner or relatives are unable to stay with you.



On a sleepover we can provide support for you overnight in your own home. Our sleepover times can start from 8-10 at night to 6-7 in the morning.



Sometimes shopping is difficult for the elderly, so we can assist you with buying any groceries that you need locally.